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Relocating from Philadelphia, PA to Portland, OR

portland car transport

Portland, OR is a major American city with a population of over 630,000 residents. It is a beautiful place with friendly people, well-tended parks, and great nightlife. In Portland, you can visit fine distilleries and micro-breweries. This green city is a must-visit, and some find it the perfect place to live. If you are one of those people or just going to Portland for a long vacation or business trip, you should consider using auto transport services. Shipping your car is affordable and convenient, and our company will be happy to help you with car transport from Philadelphia, PA to Portland, OR.

Ship a car from Philadelphia, PA to Portland, OR

There are over 2,800 miles between the two cities. If you’re considering driving to move your car, that’s over 40 hours behind the wheel. It isn’t just the driving time, though. It is also gas expenses and motel stays and adding miles to your car’s mileage. Fortunately, driving is not your only option. More and more people nowadays choose auto shipping because it is easier and saves money and stress.

At Philadelphia Car Transport we will be happy to help you with Portland car transport from Philadelphia. We provide auto shipping for all types of vehicles in any condition. Our team will ship your car door-to-door between any two cities without any hassle for you. You can choose between shipping in an enclosed or open trailer and book expedited shipping if needed.

Shopping around? Get free quotes on shipping a car to Portland from Philadelphia from us and check our special discounts. Quotes are available online through our website and over the phone at (267) 538-1166. We are looking forward to shipping for you!