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Planning a Relocation from Philadelphia, PA to Detroit, MI?

Philadelphia to Detroit, MI

Detroit is the largest city in the State of Michigan, with a population of around 660,000 residents. The city is going through a rebirth after times of financial struggle. New businesses, hotels, and restaurants keep coming to Detroit and helping to bring its economy back to life. Detroit offers everything you might be looking for: shopping and nightlife, sports and family fun. Besides, the city is still very affordable. If you have chosen Detroit as your new home, we recommend using car transport to move your vehicle. Our crew will be happy to ship your car from Philadelphia, PA to Detroit, MI!

Ship a Car from Philadelphia, PA to Detroit, MI

There are about 600 miles between Philadelphia and Detroit, so it would take around 9 hours to move a car between these cities if you decided to drive. While that might not be the longest trip, it would still steal a day of your time. It would also add 600 miles to your car’s mileage — and that would affect its retail value. Moreover, if you need to move an exotic car, you want to take care of it without putting it in danger on open roads. And there is a way to do it – just order Philadelphia enclosed auto transport!

Our auto shipping company is always here to help you with moving a car to Detroit from Philadelphia. We can ship any type of vehicle door-to-door across the country without any hassle to our client. And the best thing about us is that we stay affordable while providing high-quality auto transport services. We offer the best Detroit car transport services!

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