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Auction Car Transport

One of the ways to buy a car is to get it from an auction. Many car auctions are only available for car dealers, while some are open to the public. In some states, car auctions are strictly for auto dealers, but online auctions (such as eBay) are open to everyone all around the country. Sometimes it can happen that you find a vehicle you want to buy at an out of state auction or an eBay seller is too far from your location. Does it mean you should forget about this offer and find something else in your area? Absolutely not! Simply use auction car transport services to move your vehicle and you can buy a car from anywhere in the US.

Philadelphia Car Transport Ships Across the Country

With Philadelphia Car Transport you can buy a car from any auction in the country and get it delivered straight to your door. Buy from eBay or IAA and we’ll pick it up and safely move it to your place. We ship all kinds of vehicles of all makes and models at the best prices for transportation in the industry. Furthermore, we ship to all 50 states.

If you are a car dealer, we will also be happy to help you! Our car carriers can pick up the vehicles for you and ship them to your dealership. We also provide dealer auto shipping to assist you and your out-of-state customers when they buy a vehicle from your dealership and require delivery. At Philadelphia Car Transport we are always glad to help your business!

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