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Volvo Faces Delays and Feature Shortfalls

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Volvo’s latest electric vehicles are encountering several issues. Earlier this week, the company confirmed that the EX30, which was anticipated to arrive in the U.S. this summer with a starting price in the mid-$30K range, is now delayed until 2025 due to increased U.S. tariffs on Chinese-built EVs. Additionally, the flagship 2025 EX90, which has only recently started production after its own delay from an early 2024 release, will be delivered with some non-functional equipment.

Volvo has started emailing customers with reservations for the EX90, directing them to a list of features that “may be delayed when taking delivery of your EX90,” according to Motor1. This list includes two driver assistance features: cross-traffic alert with automatic braking and curve speed assist, which slows the car down when using adaptive cruise control or Pilot Assist. The lidar system is also set to receive a future update to unlock its full potential.

These delays extend to the cabin as well. Customers will initially be unable to use wireless Apple CarPlay and will have to make do with the infotainment screen and digital gauge cluster’s dark mode.

Charging capabilities are also impacted. The bi-directional charging feature, which allows power transfer from the car back to the home or grid, will not be available initially. The Smart Charging program, which optimizes charging times based on pricing and efficiency and factors in scheduled departures, is likewise delayed.

Volvo also indicates that owners will experience minor battery drain while the car is parked due to the need to keep the EX90’s core computer running. The EX90 will lose about three percent of its charge over 24 hours, and after 72 hours without charging, the car will enter a “deep sleep” mode to conserve energy. Volvo plans to address this with a future update.

The “Plug & Charge” feature will also be missing from the initial deliveries. This feature allows owners to connect to chargers without using an app or credit card, with billing handled automatically through a pre-set charging account. Most of these features will become available through free over-the-air updates, according to Motor1. However, some may require a visit to a Volvo dealer, and the automaker will notify affected owners in advance.

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