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Operation Hug The Block To Save Philadelphia From Violence

You are currently viewing Operation Hug The Block To Save Philadelphia From Violence
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There are organizers staying up till late to make sure they can stop gun violence from being consistently a thing that occurs in Philadelphia City Council where threats of violence have made against them.

What is Operation Hug The Block?

It’s a nonprofit that helps get gun violence off of the streets. It’s basically a “peace patrol” that is known to march through troubled Philadelphia neighborhoods from about 10 pm to 4 am.

It stirs a lot of controversy in both the streets and even behind closed doors.

There’s plenty of movement occurring to promote and protect the group. All organizers are looking for councilmembers to patrol for at least one night.

Organizers state how the threats has been concerning, though it encourages an effectiveness for the overall goals.

But still, they march forward.

Online, there’s options to donate for the support and to even initiate a peace patrol on the block. You can even share your phone number with their database so that it allows you to be a sure-fire part of the solution to gun violence and local terrorism.

Jamal Johnson from Stop Killing Us (SKU) has mentioned how he wants a presence in the communities, where people don’t have to feel like hostages and so kids can play again.

Before in the Summer, the block had suffered an injury as a 19-year-old had been shot outside a Chinese takeout. Then in October of 2022, there was 48-year-old man had been hurt in a shooting on the block.

Surveillance shows a double shooting that occurred in June of last year in the same area.

Police state that there had been beyond two dozen shots that had been fired in the incident. 

Peace that happened on the Philadelphia streets. is how the group and many others have been involving demand. Overnight patrols as well from the neighborhoods, where it will continue for the next few weeks. The group plans to target 77 blocks in 77 days.


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