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The Labor Day Fashion Faux Pas Starting Next Week

You are currently viewing The Labor Day Fashion Faux Pas Starting Next Week
If you want to wear white after Labor Day, then we say wear white!
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Labor Day is approaching, happening on Monday, September 4th. With Labor Day comes the reminder that one cannot wear white, as it is seen as a fashion faux pas to do so. However, many have worked to break the stigma over the years and fight against the nonsensical fashion restriction. The reality is, most do not even know where the rule originated so most do not feel the need to follow it, and those who do know the history behind the rule often do not care anymore in this day and age. Ultimately, fashion rules tend to be silly and unreasonable so there is no reason one should feel pressured into listening to the rule. But, if you are one who does not know the history behind the rule, here is a little backstory!

Originally, it was an unspoken rule, followed for practicality and comfort.

Back in “the olden days” before there was the luxury of air conditioning, people chose colors based on the weather. Lighter colors, like white, were worn in the summertime since they absorbed less heat from the sun and kept one cooler. Then people did the opposite in the fall and winter months to stay warm. This partially developed into the fashion rule since many people associate Labor Day with the end of summer.

Another working theory behind the rule has to do with class divides between the wealthy and the poor.

In the early 1900s, if one had money they tended toward bright, light clothing. Men were often seen in white linen suits and women wore flowy dresses. If people wore white clothing around Labor Day, it showed they had wealth and were of a certain standing. It distinguished working-class people from those who need not work, and some believe this was a purposeful distinction made on the part of the rich. Wearing white showed their lack of risk of stains from work, showing their wealth.

As time went on, the rich white clothes-wearing groups felt the need to prove their humbleness. They adopted a rule to not wear white after Labor Day to show their growth and tact.

Eventually, the rule became one taught to all. It developed into a major fashion faux pas that some people harshly followed. However, now in 2023, many think of the rule as unnecessary and push to break the restriction since white is no longer associated with being ostentatious.

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