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Modern Cars We Expect to Become Classic Cars

You are currently viewing Modern Cars We Expect to Become Classic Cars
Chevrolet will always know how to make a car that will stay in car lovers hearts forever!
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Are you a classic car collector, always looking out for new additions to your collection? Or are you simply a lover of automobiles and automotive history? Or are you simply someone who loves to track trends and figure out where the next generation of things will go? Well, this is for you! We have compiled a list of six more modern cars that we anticipate will earn the coveted title of classic car in the near future. These cars all hold their own as individuals on the automobile market while having an aesthetic and drivability that makes them wildly appealing.

BMW 1-Series M Coupe

Originally, BMW was only going to release 3,000 of this model, but they ended up more than doubling that due to the demand for this car. While many do not view this as the most attractive model ever released by BMW, the rarity and odd look to it make it a shoo-in for a future classic car, that will be highly sought after by many car collectors.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

As the last model released by Mercedes with a big engine, this will definitely be an attention grabber down the line. Down the line, we will miss the engine sound, as most have cut out the high-powered engines, which will add to the appeal.

Dodge/SRT Viper

This model, which is rarer than the Chevrolet Corvette, does not have as much physical appeal as the Corvette but does possess high-speed features. Specifically, Vipers released in 2010-2016 we expect will have many collectors chasing after them.

Honda S2000

Widely considered one of the best driver’s cars ever built, this car is so wildly loved that it would be a true shock if this were not considered a classic in the future. From look to power, the S2000 is a definite leader in modern cars.

Porsche Cayman R/Boxster Spyder

When this car hit the market, the vast majority of people thought of it as the best-driving Porsche. Since this one came out, the luxury brand released a few other models, but still, many struggle to think that they beat out this Porsche model. The drivability of this car alone makes it a clear leader of the pack, but aesthetically too, it has many fans.

Subaru WRX STI Hatchback

When you hear ‘classic car,’ you likely do not picture a Subaru, but in the future that will likely change. With slight tweaks in size compared to previous releases, this model stands on its own as an ideal ‘every man’s car,’ eventually becoming the ‘every collector’s car.’

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