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Corporate Car Transport: Shipping Your Company Cars

You are currently viewing Corporate Car Transport: Shipping Your Company Cars
Does your company use cars? We can ship them for you!
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If you own a business, you know how important it is to keep your operations costs down. Businesses are expensive to operate, and you don’t want to wind up paying for things you don’t need to out of pocket. At Philadelphia Car Transport, we help our corporate clients keep their expenses low. If your company uses vehicles, whether to transport products or to simply move people between offices, we can help you. Here’s how our team helps businesses with our excellent auto shipping services:

If your business relies on vehicles, we have you covered.

One of our specialties as a car transporter is helping businesses that rely heavily on vehicles. Our long list of clients includes dealerships, auctioneers, and even trucking companies. These are all companies that rely on vehicles and therefore need to keep miles off of their precious cars. After all, would you spend more on a car with more miles on it? Would you bid higher at a car auction?

More miles on a car or truck means more you’ll need to spend on expensive maintenance. That’s money that you could use on other things for your business. You could use it to grow, to shore up your resources, or even to give your employees a nice bonus. With auto shipping, your business will get a windfall that it can use for better things than vehicle maintenance or replacement.

Our car transport makes corporate relocation easy!

We don’t just help car-centric businesses. Many businesses have company cars to get around or to transport clients. What should you do with these vehicles when your company is moving to a new office space? You should ship them with Philadelphia Car Transport! Our corporate relocation team is the best way to ensure that your company’s move goes off without a hitch. Moving is hard enough when you aren’t worried about jeopardizing your livelihood. Let the pros take care of your cars so you can spend your precious resources making sure the rest of your business move goes smoothly.

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