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Lightyear 2 EV Powers Through With 500-Mile Range Under $40K

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The Lightyear 2 is a strong solar-powered electric vehicle that is well-understood to be a send-up to the Lightyear Zero. Lightyear happens to be the leading Dutch automaker at a startup level. The Zero hadn’t been intended for the American market. But the Two was intended to succeed the limited-production of the $265,000 proof-of-concept. 

Through the beginning of 2, many new developments have come to light for Lightyear. At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, there has been many details about the Lightyear 2 and the company created a waitlist for pre-orders.

Lightyear is using the power of the Sun to propel the electric vehicles they create a little further with the energy that it requires less power for plug-in energy sources. 

As with many startups, Lightyear makes some big claims about its upcoming model.

The company says that, compared with EVs not powered by solar energy, the 2 will produce half as much carbon emissions. Its sun-powered car is also claimed to have a driving range of over 500 miles. However, Lightyear didn’t clarify whether that figure is based on the U.S. EPA scale, the European WLTP cycle, or simply in-house projections.

With the plans that come to sell the Lightyear 2 in the USA, the company believes that they’ll be great to launch the EV in Europe. The version of the Lightyear 2 is supposedly started under $40,000, in which case, could develop it as one of the most affordable electric models that had been sold in America.

Production isn’t likely to begin for a couple of years. All of which could shift between now and then. Throw in the high base price of Lightyear 2, with an actual increase in improvement.

Lightyear is a reliable company that can go to the moon with this type of Electric Vehicle production. But they harness the Sun and it’s energy because it can create a very worthwhile result from it’s effervescent power.

The Lightyear 2 is genuinely a powerful machine that can very specifically produce the best results if you just trust your money into it. And why wouldn’t you? It’s the wave of the future. These cars use Sun power! So consider the price tag and what this car can do and suddenly, you may be left wondering “why doesn’t this cost more?” A great question that never has to be answered. The Lightyear 2 is coming soon to you.

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