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Water Bills to Rise According to the Pennsylvania Water

You are currently viewing Water Bills to Rise According to the Pennsylvania Water
Water Bills are rising.
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All over the state of Pennsylvania, customers will be witnessing a price hike that will show a rise in the monthly utility bill by about $40. And of course, the water bills are going to boil to a crazy amount of money. It’s very necessary that it’ll be okay for everyone who pays their water bill. It’s a requirement to pay this amount for the access that any Pennsylvanian would want in the best interest of propelling water through their house. It’s all important for the PUC. The PUC stands for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and they are in charge in order to approve the rate hike for Pennsylvania American Water customers. Furthermore, the commission states how the average monthly water and sewer bill works towards maintaining water flow for residential customers as there will be a rise in bills to an abysmal rate.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility is working with the Pennsylvania-American Water Company (PAWC) and their own wastewater division.

Through the rates seen in the settlement for an increase in revenue is looking to be around $138 million. The PUC makes it known that this was much lower than the original request for an upping of approximately $173.2 million. All in regards to the commission, PAWC’s original request would state that water bills skyrocketed up towards $15.01, while wastewater bills have raised up to $19.01, according to the PUC.

The Winter Heating Season is a crucial time for consumers to consider all the ways that they can improve energy efficiency and conservation all through the business and home. All while the hashtag #CallUtilitiesNow, involves utility assistance programs, while also talking about how there are other ways to manage bills and stay connected.

Costs for every month, regardless of electricity and natural gas, would be the second key factor for the size of customer bills, where the PUC would state how it’s significant for consumers to comprehend two huge parts of the monthly electric or natural gas bills.

Every one of the Pennsylvania regulated electric utilities adjust PTCs on December 1st for residential non-shopping customers. Additionally, the PTC averages out 40% to 60% of the customer’s total utility bill.

The percent would vary through utility and within the level of individual customer usage. Starting December 1st, electric distribution companies would report changes in PTCs for residential customers.

West Penn Power, up from 8.306 cents to 8.517 cents per kWh (3%).

UGI Electric, no PTC change on Dec. 1 from the current 12.903 cents per kWh;

Pike Co. Light & Power, 1 PTC not finalized – currently at 12.8994 cents per kWh;

Penelec, down from 10.021 cents to 9.889 cents per kWh (-1%);

Met-Ed, up from 9.397 cents to 10.303 cents per kWh (10%);

Citizens Electric, up from 9.3667 cents to 12.2259 cents per kWh (31%);

Duquesne Lightestimated increase from 9.36 cents to 11.25 cents per kWh (20.2%);

PECO, up from 8.508 cents to 9.855 cents per kWh (15.8%);

Wellsboro Electric, up from 9.592 cents to 12.816 cents per kWh (34%); and

PPL, up from 12.366 cents to 14.612 cents per kWh (18%).

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