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Investigation Continues For Fallen Firefighter From Building Collapse

You are currently viewing Investigation Continues For Fallen Firefighter From Building Collapse
A Firefighter's Death Sparks An Investigation.
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We always have to give it up for our troopers. I’m not talking just about the soldiers in other countries or the police. Of course, who else could I mean but the fire fighters? The members of the firefighting squad can very well be thanked, essentially for the purposes of protecting people and buildings. However, a major flaw that can interrupt their flow of work may absolutely be the fire at play.

It’s not comfortable for anyone who has to stand there and put out an uncontrollable force of nature with water. Certainly, however, it makes sense to keep the firefighters safe. But in our town of “brotherly love,” that simple decision to secure the firefighters was swapped for a deadly price.

This past Saturday, fire crews were called to a fire at 300 West Indiana Avenue in Fairhill, barely before two in the morning. From the scenario, eight tenants who lived there had been able to evacuate safely.

However, three firefighters and one inspector had been trapped on one side while on the other, two firefighters were trapped under the trash when some firefighters started searching around as a means of a rescue operation.

Then the building gave way to gravity and collapsed.

It was only around seven a.m. did the trapped firefighters experience freedom from the wreckage. One of the firefighters had been rushed right to the ER. After being in the hospital for a bit, Robert Brennan Jr. turned out to be in critical but stable condition. Lieutenant Sean Williamson, however, died at the age of fifty-one, trying to do his damnedest to save the building and the occupants of said building. It’s all pretty sad, as the Lieutenant is survived by his mother and his own son. He had nearly 30 years of experience in the force.

All the firefighters of Philadelphia Fire Department are distraught as they are grieving sincerely. It’s a sad day to know that the people meant to protect you are rarely protected themselves. As a firefighter, I likely would be very scared to be involved in any sort of danger like that. It’s definitely concerning in the sense of.

So what could have caused the fire? The officials don’t know yet, but they’ve been certain that the building was going to break down anyway. This is due to the age of the building, surely. Records show how previous building code violations were filed, in relation to fire safety issues.

Besides only housing a handful of residents, all of whom escaped safely, the building was also home to a Star Pizza & Seafood Restaurant.

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