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The Differences Between Enclosed and Open Car Shipping

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An example of enclosed auto transport.
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When choosing which car shipping service to purchase, it may be difficult to parse out all the differences between the services. After all, you’re not necessarily an expert on this stuff. So, what are the major differences between enclosed and open shipping, the two most common types of transport? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into each type of transport and give you a picture of what will work for you.

Enclosed: For security and peace of mind

By using enclosed car transport, you can ensure your car’s complete safety during transport. During enclosed transport, we encase your car in a protective metal shell that nothing can get in or out of without the driver knowing about it. This eliminates the risk that your car will be damaged while in transport. While we take great care of the cars we ship during both enclosed and open transport, some things are out of our control. Rocks can kick up from the highway and crack windshields. Severe weather like wind or hail can scratch up a paint job. Enclosed transport eliminates these worries by providing the perfect protection for your car.

Open: For efficiency and savings

Not everyone worries about damage to their car out on the road. Maybe they have an older car that already has some slight body damage. Or maybe they already plan on getting work done on the car at the other end, so minor scratches will get fixed immediately. And, of course, some people don’t have the budget space to give their car the star treatment. For these situations, open car shipping gets the job done. Open car transport is great because it offers a more affordable and faster option than enclosed transport can. Open car carriers are more common than their more complicated enclosed counterparts, so it’s easier to schedule a transport. This allows you to get your car as soon as you need it.

If you’re worried about security, know that we carry extensive insurance for your vehicle while we haul it. Your car will be safe in our hands no matter what.

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