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Have you heard of the Lotus Eletre? It’s A Shocking Revolution!

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We have the deets on the latest and greatest Lotus model. It’s a stunning car brand that will give you all sorts of energy to be had. This is the strongest all-wheel-drive vehicle with about 600 horsepower as the strongest SUV to be seen. Of course, it contains an 800-volt battery with 100.0-kilowatt-hours of capacity, with also a claimed range that equals about 315 miles in usage of the EPA cycle.

How does the Lotus Eletre work exactly?

The vehicle is an electric vehicle that produces such a strong creation of propulsion. The Eletre has an all-wheel-drive of about 600 horsepower. It’s very similar to battery packs with a skill that can send you 62 miles per hour. Lotus states that there’s a range of 373 miles under the European WLTP testing protocol equating to 315 miles, as specific to the EPA methodology in the United States.

There are other features of the Lotus Eletre that show air suspension and adaptive dampers with standard features on all versions of the vehicle. The air suspension heightens the vehicle up to two inches for off-roading, with a reduction of 1.0 inch in order to handle stable speeds.

Eletre utilizes an entire suite of LIDAR sensors with the best self-park capacity. The Eletre Lotus is supposed to give off an acceleration from zero-to-sixty of “less than three seconds.” This, of course, is evident with the charging time of about 20 minutes, for about 248 miles of range. The Lotus brand is developing two more “lifestyle vehicles” over at Hethel.

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