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Public Schools Drop The COVID-19 Mask Mandate

You are currently viewing Public Schools Drop The COVID-19 Mask Mandate
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For now, the largest city in Pennsylvania is thinking about dropping the need to have an overload of COVID-19 masks that could potentially lead to requirements for spaces all over the city. Health officials themselves told the district can lift the school mask mandate in the following week.

Students tend to be confused and concerned that such a safety risk could be evident. This may come from the opinions of some students. Like a local Junior at Bodine High, Kealt Rogers, perceives. It’s he, for instance, who believes that the repeal in mask mandates will show no improvement because the numbers may rise again as of an effect.

Some other schools, like String Theory Charter School, were evidently not so crazy about following the mask mandate in the first place. Zora Ball told her locals that “my school is kind of lenient in terms of mask-mandates, because although people may ‘wear masks,’ they don’t wear them correctly. Students and even some teachers wear masks with their nose or mouth exposed, which defeats the entire purpose of wearing one in the first place.”

What more can public schools do after dropping the mask mandate?

Plenty of elementary and high schools in the greater suburbia was dropping mask mandates as early as last month, this being after the CDC would relax their own guidance on the way to evaluate when masking is needed. This seems to make sense in the grander scheme of things.

Throughout Philadelphia as a whole, the mask mandate still stands strong in airports, health care facilities, and public transit. However, most indoor spaces are not following the mask mandate because the city is now “All Clear COVID Response Level.” That is to say that the Health Department is using a new system, calculating risk from many metrics on hospitalizations and case count of COVID-19.

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