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Nissan Altima is the Ultimate Car With Next Level Capacity

You are currently viewing Nissan Altima is the Ultimate Car With Next Level Capacity
Nissan Altima is a Sharper Vehicle
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Nissan Altima is not the first midsize sedan. It is really a solid option. It does offer a couple of marquee features that do set it apart from the pack. For example, the Altima can be had with Nissan’s high-tech variable-compression ratio turbo engine. Or the all-wheel drive. Moreover, the Toyota Camry and Subaru Legacy. The Toyota Camry and Subaru Legacy do both offer all-wheel drive. It is a third all-wheel-drive sedan option which is nothing to complain about. Moreover, the Altima’s exterior design does count for something, as it’s aiming for a sportier look than others. We do like it a lot. Even three years on from this generation’s debut, it’s still a good-looking four-door.

Nissan Altima has a Sharp Edge

There is even a legitimately sporty option, the SR. It is for someone who does want an Altima with a sharper edge. This does up the handling chops of the Altima also bringing it thus closer in line with the industry-leading Honda Accord.

The continuously variable transmission is something the Altima can’t quite get over. Also when you compare it to cars with traditionally geared transmissions. They do result in them being far more engaging to drive. With all that said, the Altima does deliver the same basic elements as its competitors. Moreover, there is an abundance of space both in the rear seat and trunk, plus a smooth ride, and also vital entertainment and safety tech. It, therefore, does check a lot of boxes and remains a great option in an otherwise downturn sedan segment.

Also, the one noteworthy new item is the addition of a Midnight Edtion package for the SR 2.5 trim. It does add dark trim and moldings, in addition to a gloss black painted grille and spoiler. There are LED fog lights. Also, black painted mirrors with LED turn signal indicators. In addition, a Satin black Midnight Edition badge is outside. Plus a gloss black 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

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