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Junkyard Fire Burns Brightly and Smokes Over the Townscape

You are currently viewing Junkyard Fire Burns Brightly and Smokes Over the Townscape
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There was a junkyard fire that has been floating about the town for hours. In spite of the efforts made by the firefighters. In which case, there was black smoke that spread through the city. Fire crews had been assembled throughout all the departments after a junkyard fire came from the 3700 block of South 61st Street. The head of the fire department himself, Captain Derek Bowmer, had this to say. “Wood, tires, things like that, when they break down houses. It looks like that’s what’s in the piles.”

About 100 firefighters work upon to work on this junkyard fire. This would involve marine units as well who pumped water from the Schuylkill River in order to douse the flames of any fire. The Captain once more said “Access to the area is really tough. Just no hydrants inside so we were actually using both of our marine units that have drafted inside of the small bay back there.” When noting the Junkyard Fire, it’s obvious that there was control to be had around 5:30 pm.

However, crews would still battle the hot spots all the way through Wednesday. Authorities are certain that there are no toxic chemicals kept at hazardous levels. At least, while present at the junkyard fire. Health officials themselves are saying the best chances citizens have is so specific. In which case, to make sure they do not spend too much time outside. It’s very important to individuals with heart or lung problems.

A junkyard fire like this is indicative of no specific start, just yet, but chances are it’s best to listen to the authorities as the bad air filters out.

After all, it makes an important mark on the community around Philadelphia if you set an example and stay wary of the dangers caused by some poisonous fire smog. Following directions is all-important to the health of the community.

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