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Rolls-Royce Ghost Model Receives A Black Badge Model For 2022

You are currently viewing Rolls-Royce Ghost Model Receives A Black Badge Model For 2022
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The latest Rolls-Royce Ghost model from 2022 is given a Black Badge treatment. Being that this is a sedan model, it offers a rise in power up to 592 horsepower. The vehicle includes a deep black exterior and detailed interior. This all involves a Black Badge trim. As as a result, customers are able to commission their Ghost Black Badge starting at that very moment. It’s supposedly going to cost around $400,000. Rolls-Royce is looking to bring a third of their vehicles they sell as Black Badge-specific vehicles.

It’s therefore adding the trim to the Phantom Sedan and the Cullinan SUV as well. While Rolls-Royce believes it’s all to do with “post opulence,” the Black Badge lends to a school of thought more specific to a darker paint job. In which case, Rolls-Royce takes 100 pounds of of paint with a process that lasts about five hours. There’s a car that can receive two layers of clear coat while also engaging in hand polish.

Furthermore, it’s specifically coated with a special chrome electrolyte. You can best see this exemplified in The Spirit of Ecstasy and a grille. Black Badge models ride through the 21-inch carbon fiber wheels while lightly tinting the wheels for 44-layer carbon weave. It’s all visible on the rims. In 2021, there are Ghost models powered through 563-horsepower with a 6.7-liter V-12 engine. Black Badge pushes the output towards 592 horsepower with a torque-power of 664 pound-feet. The ZF eight-speed transmission and throttle pushes for a 12-cylinder engine.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost incorporates all-wheel drive, with rear-axle steering. There are also air springs to involve.

Customers are capable of owning their own Ghost Black Badge. The pricing starts up around $400,000. The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost starts at about $314,400. The Rolls-Royce Ghost incorporates a new digital interior with emphasis like metal wood and leather. The Black Badge model shows the bright blue Turchese leather interior involving a diamond patterned carbon and metallic fiber weave in the trim.

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