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Ford Bronco Sport is Getting a Price Hike for 2022

You are currently viewing Ford Bronco Sport is Getting a Price Hike for 2022
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The Ford Bronco Sport, starting with the 2022 model year, motorists in the market will start paying slightly more. This is according to an unverified report. The more expensive versions are, in fact, in line for a three-digit increase. This is while the trim levels are positioning at the bottom of the range that stays nearly flat.

Ford Bronco Sport Pricing

Starting at $28,760, pricing for the 2022 Bronco Sport. This is including a $1,495 destination charge. In fact, there is a $50 increase over the 2021 model. This is far from alarming. Then, moving up, the 2022 Big Bend will cost $30,320. This is while the 2022 Outer Banks going to be pricing at $34,570. There are going to be increases of $105 and $215, respectively. Up $575 than in 2021, the range-topping Badlands is going to start at $35,430.

In June 2021, Ford has raised Bronco Sport’s price is by up to $540. This is according to the same report. Like the Badlands, it will end up costing $1,115 more than it did in, for example, May 2021. Moreover, Ford has, in fact, confirmed the price hike for the Badlands and it has cited “market conditions” as the reason is behind it.

Bronco Sport – Big Success

The Bronco Sports has been a big success for the Blue Oval. It is unveiling in July 2013 as a smaller alternative to the full-size Bronco. Therefore, customers may not mind the increase. Of the rugged crossover is with the Ford sold 62,820 during the first seven months of 2021. It is a figure that does place it with a few thousand units behind the Ranger. Also 20,000 sales ahead of the Edge. Then, the pint-sized Bronco has, in fact, been attracting buyers that would typically not stop by a Ford showroom. Then, in March 2021, over 60% of Bronco Sport buyers do come from another brand.

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