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Vaccine Deadlines For School District Calm Some Parents, Worry Others

You are currently viewing Vaccine Deadlines For School District Calm Some Parents, Worry Others
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Throughout the vaccine has been rolled out in various forms, there is not enough strictness adhered to the staff members of schools in the area. As of Monday, the school district is announcing that any district employee who still doesn’t have a full-vaccine record will have to test twice a week. Though, those who are fully-vaccinated will be testing once a week. Around other states, school employees will need total vaccine proof by October 18th.

For example, at Cristo Rey High School, a vaccine mandate is in effect since Monday. Furthermore, officials are thinking that the Catholic School has about 99% of students vaccinated. This will allow for any student to be vaccine-approved even if there is no proper exemption. Even one family chose to move because they were not willing to get their child vaccine-safe. Positive cases in school are becoming a deillema for sure. Regarding their 12-year-old, grandparent Robin Perry had this to say. “He’s a severe asthmatic. Like, he’s in and out of the hospital, and when he’s there, he’s there seven or more days.”

Students have been testing positive at East Norriton Middle School. And even a teacher has tested positive over the weekend, therefore, notifying the classes. Yet, nothing has been heard back from the district. Quarantine could be necessary.

Chris Dormer is the Norristown Area Superintendent. And he says that the family may have not been properly notified by the school district due to their incompetent workers. Therefore, a masker person would have to be within three feet of someone who tested positive for fifteen minutes in a row. That’s what is considerably close-contact. Additionally, the superintendent also says that cases are tracing out-of-town contractions. So it really makes you wonder, why is this being so odd?

Get the vaccine. Get tests. And get the heck out of Philly if you have a problem with this.

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