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COVID-19 Awareness Effort Misses Shot

You are currently viewing COVID-19 Awareness Effort Misses Shot
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The city had an effort organized where they would try to get more people aware of COVID-19 and therefore, get a vaccination so that no trouble would be oncoming to them. This in turn would spur a vaccination sweepstakes program. This would be what the city would need to inspire people. The unvaccinated would be hopeful to at least to maybe get a lottery payment from being maybe one of the lucky few. But certainly, there has been other efforts like this.

Yet still, it may not be enough to get fellow citizens to shift their belief system if it means that they would be drawn to prizes like $1 million USD and a full-ride scholarship. Other states, besides Pennsylvania, have tried and failed. This is all in a COVID-19 process of trial and error. That’s what people like Linnea Gandhi believes. She’e a Ph.D at Wharton School. ““We’re at a stage in the pandemic where this research, and the mixed result coming from the state lotteries, are starting to tell a story that maybe this isn’t the best tool to use for those remaining people.” This happens to remain as fact to this very true to this day.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Sweepstakes Itself is Ongoing

About 36 vaccinated folks from Philadelphia are primed to win cash prizes upwards of $50,000. This will then total out to about $400,000 in giveaways. Various tiers show that the results of larger cash prizes available to the general public.

Of course there are special incentives that are to inspire random areas of the Philadelphia area. For each of the random areas there wil be one zipcode selected at random. This being with the lowest rates of vaccination available to give the area random prizes. This is all a greater incentive to make people take the vaccine. Now if it would only improve the chances of survival of COVID-19.

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