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Middle-Wage Job Market In High Demand For Post-Pandemic Boost

You are currently viewing Middle-Wage Job Market In High Demand For Post-Pandemic Boost
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Our city has been through too much. Besides police brutality and the recession, local denizens of the city There remains major job growth. Wages tend to grow for our city like some sort of procession of flowers for the masses. The dead masses. And when you see an opportunity like that, you just have to go ahead and smell, no matter how pungent. This is what is called “biting the bullet.”

Leaders from all around the economic sectors of the greater Pennsylvania area meet for one cause: to rebuild an economy once shattered by the turmoil of the past year. (Ever heard of corona?) There had to be some sort of juncture upon which the Philadelphians could trust a faction of leaders to really showcase the way to stronger light. 

For example, Paul Levy, a CEO for the Center City District acknowledged a strong aspect of the past year in review. Without the pandemic, it wouldn’t be apparent that about 62% of jobs would have been available mainly for grabs by the middle-wage population.

It’s this type of realization where middle-wage was well understood to be assigned to workers who earn about 20% above or below the local median wage. For Philadelphia, that’s about $23 an hour. This affects a disproportionate amount of middle-wage workers, not excluding Black Philadelphians.

In the ten years after the Recession, Philly has seen job growth unlike any other before. And for what purpose. The residents to really only gain in low-wage positions throughout lower-pay areas of the economy.

To show for it, Phillies of middle-wage beginnings, have declined in working for the city by 5% throughout the last decade. Such instances showed in a failed recovery to actually access middle-wage employment. This in turn, screwed us over enough to be incapable of earning livable wages.

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