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Aston Martin DB6 Sells Above $250,000 After A 30-Year Snooze

You are currently viewing Aston Martin DB6 Sells Above $250,000 After A 30-Year Snooze
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An Aston Martin DB6 Vantage, all the way from 1970, has been sold for about $258,000 after having been stuck in a garage for almost 30 years. It was sold through RM Sotheby’s online auction on Open Roads. The DB6 happens to still have the original engine and red on top of black exterior, in tandem with the interior color combo. On top of this, there still remains the DB6 being one of only 71 factory units ever released. This is evident of the 4.0-liter I-6 engine, which boosts the horsepower from 282 hp up to 325. Isn’t that a great thing to realize? I would say so. Maybe this model of Aston Martin, for being so barely known, is just now getting it’s just desserts.

This particular Aston Martin is likely one of the most advantageous Vantage models out there.

So to spend about a quarter million on the product itself? Not entirely a radical idea. Actually pretty smart, one should say.

There’s a lot of merit that comes with owning such a rare car. There is no small merit to such a feat. But the general idea is that you do so with class and inspiration. And you refuse to be hit by what potentially is a lame idea. That’s the real take-away here. That you take something good and morph it into something great.

That’s the type of opportunity one is possible with this DB6. Which, by the way, is also a later Mark II model. This is to say that the speed gearbox receives a major assist, thanks to a packing clutch. The big idea about this was a three-spoke steering wheel would allow for a connection to standard power-assist setups. And that in itself is already special enough, so one believes.

Whoever buys a car like that, also needs to enjoy it.

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