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Owner of Construction Company is Accused of Stealing $20 Million

You are currently viewing Owner of Construction Company is Accused of Stealing $20 Million
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The owner of one of the state’s largest construction companies allegedly stole more than $20 million from the workers’ health and retirement money. He now has to face charges in the largest current wage criminal case on record, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro said this past Thursday. An epic scumbag that should be beyond ashamed of himself! May the disgrace continuing until the day he dies (hopefully the most excruciating and painful one) and may he rot in a fiery, burning hell!

Local Construction Owner – Not an Honorable Guy

Based in the city in Pennsylvania, Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc., has been charging with four counts of theft. This is connecting to violations of the Pennsylvania Prevailing Wage Act and the federal Davis-Bacon Act. Paying a prevailing wage or the average wage paid to similar works is in fact set by regulators. These laws ensure that contractors working on state or federally funded projects.

Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc., History

Moreover, founded by Glenn and Thelma Hawbaker, the company starting in 1952 is one of the largest contractor companies in the Pennsylvania commonwealth. It was received $1.7 billion from Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation from 2003 to 2018, according to Shapiro. Hundreds of roads and bridges have been building by Hawbaker, Shapiro added. One of Glenn and Thelma’s sons, Daniel Hawbaker, has been the company president since 1978.

Modern-Day Thief in the U.S.

The family-owned company is stealing workers’ retirement, health, and welfare money. This has come at an enormous cost. Actually, costing employees tens of thousands of dollars from their retirement. Moreover, Hawbaker is allegedly underfunding employees’ retirement accounts to the tune of $15 million, Shapiro said.

Versus instead of putting money into a 401 (k) accounts for prevailing wage workers. The company, has in fact, using some of it to pay other workers’ pensions. “this amounts to really taking from one group of workers to pay for the rest of the company,” Shapiro said.

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