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Honda Releases Legend Hybrid EX! A Sedan With Honda Sensing Elite

You are currently viewing Honda Releases Legend Hybrid EX! A Sedan With Honda Sensing Elite
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In the grander context of Honda and their ever-growing perspective, they really are doing quite amazing things with their growing technology. Enter the Honda Legend Hybrid EX. It is a vehicle unlike any other. Unless if you’re looking at the former Acura RLX. In which case, it is almost entirely too similar. In this particular model, Honda boasts Level 3 driver-assistance capabilities.

What does Honda mean by Level 3?

Compared to Level 2, which, when described by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), requires a driver to full monitor and engage with the driver task, is different. Level 3 is actually a little more than that when the driver isn’t entirely required to fully observe and handle the vehicle all the time. However, the driver still has to be available enough to take control when under the prompt of such.

Honda has dubbed their Honda Legend Level 3 system as Honda Sensing Elite, combo’d with Traffic Jam Pilot. Such a system enables for hands-off driving in specifically definitive situations. The automaker is claiming the system will likely go hands-free as lane-keeping is re-enabled. Therefore, supporting lane changes along with driver approval. In this case, it can even allow for change through lanes and pass vehicles alone. Especially, in the case, that is, of an enabling of the function: “Active Lane Change.”

Alternatively, Traffic Jam Pilot allows for the vehicle to drie minus the driver monitoring anything. The car company even invites the driver to peep a program on the navigation screen or keep up with more infotainment-relative tasks.

Let’s say that you are asked to regain control of the vehicle. Similar to other driver-assistance programs, the Legend automatically does something truly legendary. It pulls over to the side of the road and utilizes warning indicators if needbe. Isn’t that something cool? I certainly think so. We should buy this car. Entirely.

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