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Komatsu And Proterra To Make Construction Equipment Electric

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Do you ever just see the beginning of a beautiful partnership and simply can’t believe that it’s about to happen? Like the union between husband and wife or the smack of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Perhaps, the very coming-together of two different sides of velcro? Isn’t that just an exhilarating thing to observe? I would sure say so. Because, it usually behooves anybody to see what good comes from partnerships. And such is the joint project of Komatsu Construction Equipment and Proterra Electric Buses to unite as one.

Komatsu and Proterra unite!

Proterra, being a leader in commercial vehicle electrification technology, joined forces with Komatsu. This is for the purpose of leveraging their best-in-class technology for development. Bring in Komatsu and you have the first ever battery-electric middle class hydraulic excavator.

Komatsu has had plans before to rlease a battery-prototype of the first model by the year’s end. Making way for production and commercialization.

Jack Allen, Proterra’s CEO, had this to say: “Proterra is excited to partner with Komatsu to develop battery-electric construction equipment. Proterra’s best-in-class battery technology has been proven in 16 million miles driven by our fleet of transit vehicles.

Komatsu is trying to electrify their equipment considering the size of the company but are not alone in their thought process.

Volvo has shown much interest to push for the equipment electrification for the construction gear.

Furthermore, they want to collaborate on battery systems for electric construction vehicles.

This is given that Komatsu has begun with the PC30E-5 electric mini excavator beforehand. In the future. They’re looking into expanding onto bigger excavators. Proterra, well-known for their electric buses, developed offers for customizable battery packs for OEMs. Such invention could be perfect for the construction equipment company. They’re expecting to begin in 2023-2024, post-trials.

Finally, this could be a great perspective business for Proterra. But this would also require some years before take off.

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