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AMC Reopens Seven Movie Theaters With More to Follow Soon

You are currently viewing AMC Reopens Seven Movie Theaters With More to Follow Soon
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The AMC Theaters has reported it will open some movie theaters in Pennsylvania. There are more to open by January 8, the theater chain announced on Wednesday.

Welcome Back to AMC Theaters in Person!

This is good news for people and or families that are sick and tired of watching network TV or Netflix at home day and night after each long and boring day or night seven days a week. It’s so enjoyable to get out of the house and meet up with friends and other family members to see the latest movie advertised and get hot popcorn and snacks like pretzels and pizza. Who doesn’t like watching those great trailers for upcoming soon-to-be-released movies? You can call your friends and talk excitedly about these movies.

AMC Theaters Are Reopening

Theater officials said seven theaters reopened to the public on Monday, January 4. Most in the Philadelphia area, including the Neshaminy 24, the Plymouth Meeting 12, the 309 Cinema 9, and the Marple 10, among others.

Additional theaters to reopen in the region include the DINE-IN Painters Crossing 9 and the CLASSIC Pottsgrove 12. This is along with 16 others across the state on Friday, January 8th.

Safe & Clean Program

The AMC Safe & Clean program were initiated with strict guidance from public health officials. The theater chain strictly enforces those policies.

Theater Rental Program

The AMC chain also has a theater rental program. That is still in force. However, anyone that wants to book a theater for up to 20 friends and family. They can go to the AMC website under rentals. Then you can make proper arrangements.

Mandatory Masking and Social Distance is Still Required

Furthermore, officials have stated mandatory mask-wearing is in full force across the theater chain. In addition to the appropriate social distancing.

More information can be found regarding theaters and AMC’s policies at their website.

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