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Freight Frights! How The Regional Fleets Will Navigate, Post-Pandemic

You are currently viewing Freight Frights! How The Regional Fleets Will Navigate, Post-Pandemic
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It only seemed like yesterday that a year ago, trucking and logistics alike were doing pretty well. Then, today came to crash the freight party and suddenly this whole year has felt like the endless chaos of a day at the stock market. How could we have gotten here? Well, amid the pandemic, civil division, police brutality and even today’s foreboding election, truckers have been trucking on.

Of course, the COVID-19 is the most globally damning of the entire year. So how will fleets a-plenty manage after the carnage ends? Well, consumers are expecting quite a lot. Clients would love the speed in the supply chain to pick on up, while also having access to technology-efficient logistics. This is essentially an area where some trucking companies need more development in, whereas others need a certain discernment in operating in autonomy.

It’s because of COVID-19 that the landscape has changed entirely. Luckily, while there are no cures to the disease itself, there do remain certain remedies to the drag in business as it’s been occuring so often lately.

PowerFleet helps freight companies make the right decisions!

PowerFleet is a company that has specialized technology for truck fleets. They’ve been especially instrumental in resisting the pandemic through numerous solutions that they have provided. With their new cargo visibility platform, PowerFleet has been able to raise the bar for logistics asset management. They’ve even been behind the creation of the most powerful tracking, reporting and monitoring capabilities for everyone involved.

Ryder System, Inc., for example, has chosen PowerFleet to secure North American supply chain operations. This includes handling warehouse equipment, managing the fleet and installing PowerFleet’s Enterprise solutin on beyond 1,000 pieces of material handling equipment beyond 30 of North America’s logistics sites.

So when you ask me “how is freight going to make a comeback?” It’ll be because of the PowerFleet technology, so readily available at our disposal.

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