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Fat Cat “Lasagna” Dreams Of Losing Weight, Winning Family

You are currently viewing Fat Cat “Lasagna” Dreams Of Losing Weight, Winning Family
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – I’ve only ever really interacted with my dog when it comes to hefty animals. There’ve been times where his consumption of dog food would add a bit of junk to his trunk. Which isn’t so concerning. Lest you realise his thick coat of fur makes the Florida heat unbearable as is. So to have a coupla kilos holding you so low? That’s gotta be majorly uncomfy. Frosty eventually lost the weight with the help of my parents. One can only hope that the fat cat of Philly will get help from her own family.

If she can find one. Lucky that ACCT Philly found her.

Found abandoned in a dog crate, Lasagna, as the shelter’s lovingly named her, is far from starving. Clocking in at twenty-nine-point-five pounds, the fat cat is at risk of developing grave health problems.

Already, the weight gain has made Lasagna’s movement slow. Employees also note her inability to groom herself.

ACCT Philly, in a statement, aspires that she can find a new family. Therefore, enabling a group of people to grow closer to the fat cat in advocacy of a healthier lifestyle.

“She’s very sweet, but she really does need to find a home.” That’s the voice of Sarah Barnett ACCT’s director of communications and development.

The shelter brings in a heaping quantity of lost cats compared to canines. However, it’s the dogs that get adopted, more often than not. In any case, Lasagna may experience a certain array of attention.

For example, Stouffer’s, a producer of frozen Lasagna, has expressed interest to make Lasagna [the cat] a spokeskitty for the company, through a generous tweet.

With current social distancing restrictions in place, masks are a must. Additionally, cat lovers can donate in support of ACCT and the many meows the save in the City of Brotherly Love.

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