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Evictions: Protests and Arrests in Philadelphia

You are currently viewing Evictions: Protests and Arrests in Philadelphia
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Philadelphia police arrest those protesting after proceedings of evictions and foreclosures.

The expiration of Pennsylvania’s eviction moratorium on August 31st caused this. People angrily flew to the streets.

The police suddenly were swarming a dozen protesters. The big boys on bikes were equipped with tactical gear.

Police officers then made several arrests during the gathering in City Hall. This was after they apparently gave out warnings to such protesters.

Why didn’t anyone do anything to prevent evictions?

The moratorium enables delayments of payments for rent and mortgages. People would not lose their homes.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and unemployment rates, what did the state expect?

This is happening everywhere! Some people didn’t receive their unemployment insurance yet. This has been going on for months!

Governor Tom Wolf stated that he doesn’t have the authority legally to extend the moratorium. He also said that Pennsylvania’s Emergency Service Codes prevent him from taking action.

He had already made an extension from July 9th to August 31st.

Apparently, a submission was put into place by the request of the Democrats. This has been put in place for more than five-long months.

Now, it’s unfortunately too late. The whole process with the General Assembly is way too long. It’s obnoxious. The people are now on the streets.

At least Philly’s eviction diversion program took effect on Monday. They would essentially use $175 million from federal coronavirus relief funds. They will be able to relieve homeowners and renters.

However, the local governments are figuring out how to implement this.

Housing advocates and legal experts recommend tenants to be ready for anything. This means this could potentially take even longer.

In the case that it does, police should not be making arrests. Police should be helping the situation. Not hurting.

Food assistance is also necessary during this tough time.

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