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Stripper Strike Upsets Philly Community

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Philadelphia, PA – The community is vocalizing over a “stripper strike” that is being held in a Philadelphia park. COVID-19 is currently closing down many businesses across the US. One of the hardest-hit sectors is the exotic dancing industry.

A crowd shown gathering at Malcolm X Park located at 51st and Pine streets in West Philadelphia on Saturday came together to call out unsafe working conditions.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned as the community felt this was not the right place to do so.

“This was not the place to hold it,” said Kim Fuller, family life coordinator for Global Leadership Academy SW.

“The images that were sent to me were upsetting because they were so exposing, and my thought was, there are babies in that park. If you’re going to protest for better treatment at work or on the job, I think the place to protest is where you’re having an issue at.”

While in America every citizen has the right to protest. Unfortunately where you protest can have a large impact. For the women protesting for safer conditions for their job, maybe their job was the best place to showcase their efforts.

The Stripper Strike Gains Clarity.

Bamm Rose of Stilleto’s inc. replied to a Twitter comment:

“What we were doing was fundraising, to raise funds for dancers who are not working during COVID. Regardless of whether we said stripping, pole dancing in the park, all that’s legal; we’re not here to talk about moralities, we’re here to talk about legalities.”

Reports indicate that the protest was outside of where children were playing – on the other side of the park. Correct safety protocols were in place. Images of the event showcase the proper safety with masks and social distancing while delivering speeches.

The issues stem from workers who are unable to continue due to COVID-19 restrictions. In other states, exotic clubs can operate if they adhere to COVID-19 safety policies.

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