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Spraygrounds Open Amid COVID-19

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Philadelphia, PA – Spraygrounds have been deemed operational as the summer heatwave starts to grip the North East.

Politicians and public service managers welcomed to reopening of these waterparks as July temperatures begin to increase.

Mayor Kenny appeared at Mander Playground in Strawberry Mansion to inform the public that they can have fun, keep cool, and remain safe while COVID-19 continues to disrupt the daily lives of Americans.

When asked about safety guidelines and the possible reopening of public pools, Kenny had this to say:

“We weren’t sure about CDC guidelines on pools, how that would interact with people getting, and being exposed to the virus. Apparently that’s not the case, but it’s now too late for us to ramp up and to hire people, so I’m praying for next year we’re able to open all of our pools.”

91 Spraygrounds Are To Reopen Today

In total, 91 spraygrounds have been opened to the public. Locations will be open from 3 pm to 7 pm on weekdays and 12 pm to 5 pm on weekends.

Each location will have a list of guidelines to better help the public stay safe during the pandemic.

The largest reason for reopening these public areas is due to the summer camps that utilize these public parks.

Each camp will have a strict health policy to affect in order to reduce issues with spreading the virus. State operations will also be on hand to remind parents and children of the rules.

The spraygrounds will be limited to 50 people at a time. The city’s Parks and Rec program will assess the issues that may come from the reopening process. They will also be surveying the area in order to monitor the spread of the virus.

The city is currently beginning its “Green Phase” of reopening. With many still not convinced that now is the time to reopen.

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