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City in “Yellow Phase” For Reopening

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Philly is looking to stabilize itself into the yellow phase. While many counties start moving into the green phase and reopening in full-force, the city is being left behind.

While many areas outside of Philadelphia are undergoing extensive development in order to ensure the safety of the public, the city has yet to reach the point where officials feel that it is okay to open up.

City Unsure of Meeting Yellow Phase Deadline

The city plans to achieve the status of “Yellow Phase” by June 5th. This phase signifies that restaurants, bars, hair salons and other small businesses can reopen. This also indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic is contained.

Containment of the virus has been on every city watch list. Some more than others. In Philadelphia, the virus has been the hardest-hitting on the area in the state.

With reports still coming in of growing cases, the city is making attempts to cut down on the spread while reopening.

Businesses are to reopen with strict 6-foot space. For restaurants, they are allowing outdoor seating. In sections of the city that have seen little to no automotive traffic, these places will also be extended to the sidewalks and parts of the street.

Unfortunately, the numbers have not added in favor of the city’s request to reopen. With numbers continuing to grow, it has left officials wondering if they will be able to make the deadline.

The date might just be extended a few more weeks to ensure that the spread has been quelled and that the numbers, with everything opening up, will continue to decline.

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