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Tesla Advances In German Market

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Tesla, the largest electric car company on the planet, has taken a good foothold in the German market. The electric car market in Deutschland is approximately 9% of new vehicles sold. A majority of the figure is Tesla.

Tesla Has Dominated The Market Since The Beginning

The automaker has not only dominated sales, but has been the first one to establish the market. Where other car companies like Toyota are backed by some degree of the big oil industry, they have had to bridge the gap between new and old technologies.

Tesla, completely on its own and with no ties to anyone but the company itself, has been able to bypass that. You can even see it in the way their vehicles look. Where the Prius is more function over form, the Tesla Models provide more than jut a simply commuter vehicle.

The automaker provide power. SO much power that a 0-60 in 1.9 seconds has been established. This far out shines the next performance based EV.

The US Has The Most Tesla’s

With the company based out of the US, the country has become the proving ground for the American market. Utilizing gas prices and the environmental impact to sway new car buyers into purchasing one.

Unfortunately, not all of Tesla’s vehicles are to be excited about. The Cybertruck is a not-so-great looking vehicle. Although it looks wonky, many show interest to finally see some of them on the road.

Tesla Competition

World leading car brands such as Toyota, BMW, Kia-Hyundai have thrown in their examples of what they can produce. With many meeting the more-affordable consumer market, they have essentially developed the highest percentage of new car buyers. Where Tesla has focused primarily on high-end models, the rest of the world will have to deal with the egg-shaped vehicles the Japanese and German markets are currently rolling out.

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