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Mask Order Enforced On Public Bus

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After a new policy mandating riders wear face coverings while on public buses, one man disobeyed the mask order and police forcibly removed him.

In response to the revised Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines regarding face coverings, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, created their mask order. Under it, all employees as well as riders must wear masks while on public transit.

The national guideline seeks to stem the spread of the coronavirus. New research unveiled as much as 25 percent or more of those carrying the disease show no signs of it. If everyone wears a mask, that covers those walking around with the disease, but remain asymptomatic.

However, one man rejected the SEPTA mask order.

The incident took place on Friday, April 10. A man without a face covering entered the bus and the driver requested him to leave.

When he refused, the driver phoned police.

SEPTA Mask Order Enforced With Force

Authorities say when police arrived, they initially requested the man voluntarily remove himself from the bus. After refusing the request of the bus driver, he remained obstinate for the cops.

Then, police acted by forcibly removing the man from the bus. In video captured by Dupree Myers, four police officers wrangle the man as he continues to defy their orders.

One man seizes the unmasked man’s leg from outside the bus. While he gives several tugs on the appendage, three other officers work from within, forcing the man out.

Even after they manage to eject him, the altercation proceeds for several feet along the side of the bus. It isn’t clear if police are merely forcing him further from exit, or if he is pushing his back against him, or a combination of both.

Though, after a few moments, police step away and the man corrects his clothing. The police walk away before a final verbal exchange with the man before leaving the scene.

After the incident, SEPTA announced a suspension of mask order enforcement. Instead, they continue to urge riders to wear face coverings for the safety of themselves and everyone around them.

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