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Violent Wednesday Despite Social Distancing

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On Wednesday, police responded to a number of violent incidents, several of which resulted in death. Despite the state-wide stay at home orders, enough people meandered about to incite violent altercations.

Governor Tom Wolf’s executive order took effect on April 1. The decree requires all Pennsylvania residents remain in their homes except for essential business. Despite these orders, the city’s crime rate remained active.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, police responded to a shooting incident at the 1500 block of North Marshall St. At around 4 pm, a 38-year-old man drove down the street and became the target. He took 8 shots to his upper body while driving.

Medics rushed him to the hospital. However, staff pronounced him dead there a little while later.

On Judson St, only a half hour later, another shooting injured two, one of them critically. The worse of the two, a 41-year-old man, took at least 4 shots. They landed in his back and leg. Emergency medical workers rushed him to the hospital where they listed him in critical condition. The second man, a 28-year-old, received a shot to the leg. He transported to the hospital in a civilian vehicle. He was listed as stable.

Violent Wednesday Stretches On

Additionally, another 28-year-old man was shot in the head in Strawberry Mansion. He survived, but remains in critical condition.

Then, in the evening, a fourth shooting took place in Queen Village. There, near 3rd and Christian, another individual was shot and subsequently transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Police released no information on potential suspects in any of the 4 shootings from Wednesday.

Furthermore, a stabbing Wednesday night took the life of a 32-year-old on the south side of the city. On the 1000 block of Jackson St, at around 9:30 pm, an unknown culprit stabbed the victim repeatedly in the neck. Authorities pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

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