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Standoff With Shooter Ends in Arrest

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After an hours-long standoff, police arrested a man in Garnet Valley at 2 am Sunday night. Terrance Zanchuck, 46, surrendered to police on his front porch, reports NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Authorities first responded earlier on Sunday when a neighbor called in to report a bullet found lodged in her home. Around 1 am Sunday morning, police investigated the origin of the round. Authorities determined the bullet came from a neighbor’s house.

Another shot rang out, prompting police to speak with the homeowner. However, when they attempted to do so, Zanchuck warned them to keep away from his property. He withdrew into his home and made threats against the police.

He warned them he would kill them.

Another shot rang out. Police sought cover behind their patrol vehicles. Police ordered residents to shelter in place. The Bethel Fire House opened its doors to those unable to return home. An armored vehicle arrived on the scene to escort officers away from the line of fire and towards safety.

Standoff Extends Into the Night

Officers remained on scene, ensuring Zanchuck stayed within his home. At one point, they shut power off for the area. They intended to force Zanchuck’s peaceful surrender. The outage affected 86 customers.

Zanchuck remained obstinate.

At one point, officers reported seeing him on his porch with a rifle in hand. He fired multiple shots, some striking police cruisers, before returning inside. No gunfire struck any police.

The standoff lasted well into the night. Zanchuck finally surrendered after 2 am, nearly 8 hours after police attempted to speak with him. They took him into custody and lifted the shelter in place order for nearby residents. Authorities restored power to those affected.

Zanchuck’s history includes drug use, which may be attributable for the altercation with authorities. He did not have the necessary permits for the weapons involved.

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