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82-Year-Old Grandma Takes Down Home Intruder

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An 82-year-old muscle-building grandma fought back against an intruder who broke into her home, pinning him down till Philadelphia police arrived.

Furthermore, the 82-year-old muscle-building grandma is known as Willie Murphy from western New York. Murphy was just heading off to bed when she heard a loud pounding at her front door, along with the voice of a man urging to call the ambulance for him.

The man began to shout, “Please help! Call an ambulance, I’m sick, I’m sick!” That was when Murphy called the police, but the man became furious and broke through her front door.

Murphy says she hid as the intruder walked through her house. When she saw a defensive opportunity, she grabbed a nearby table and threw it at him.

Moreover, what the intruder didn’t know was that Willie Murphy is an award-winning muscle-builder who trains at the YMCA almost every day.

The tough grandmother can deadlift 220 pounds easily.

When Murphy brought the man down, she continued to jump on him. Soon after, she grabbed a shampoo bottle and poured it on his face as he tried to get up.

Finally, the police officers arrive at a comedic crime scene. A grandma who fought an intruder in her home was an unsuspecting case.

Police took the 28-year-old suspect to a nearby hospital; they say he was intoxicated during the incident.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, Murphy does not plan on pressing charges.

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