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Top Smartphone Apps for OTR Drivers

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Without a doubt, smartphone apps have made all our lives a bit easier, even the lives of OTR drivers.

Truck drivers are relying more on their smartphones than ever before. From checking weather and road conditions, to even communicating with other drivers on the road. As a result, there have been several smartphone apps made purposely for OTR truckers. Here are our top five:

iExit Trucks

This is a free smartphone app that helps truckers navigate road exits. It uses the GPS tracker on your phone to alert you of oncoming exits. Additionally, the app gives you options of restaurants, gas stations, parking and other truck-friendly services.

Truck Stops – GPS, RoadHunter

This app is also free. It gives you detailed information on the truck stops that are on your route. Additionally, it serves as a severe weather indicator for the area you are in. Information on weigh stations is also a beneficial addition to this app.

Trucker Path

The interactive map on this app is a favorite among truckers. From truck stops, gas prices, parking, and more, this app is perfect for the OTR driver. However, keep in mind that a membership is required for subscription.


Not only is this app approved by the Department of Transportation, but its convenience makes it even better. This informative app keeps you up to date on driving time regulations. It also allows you to log in hours electronically with ease. Additionally, the app lets you communicate with your company’s dispatcher as well.


We all know that gas prices can change within the blink of an eye. This app allows you to scan out the best diesel gas prices around. It also offers discounts on gas. Furthermore, it can help with locating truck repair shops in your area.

What are some of your favorite OTR apps? Let us know below.

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