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Teen Boy Suffers Multiple Gun Shot Wounds

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PHILADEPHIA, PA – Police are busy investigating a shooting that occurred in the area of Southwest Philadelphia Monday morning. Reportedly shots were fired around 9:20 a.m. in the 800 Block of South Cecil Street. As of right now, no suspect has been identified, but the story is still developing.

The victim in the incident was a 17-year old boy. He was wounded multiples times in the lower half of his body. In fact, according to police, the boy suffered injuries to the groin, left leg, and the buttocks.

As of right now, it’s unclear who fired the shots or why they did. The victim was immediately transported to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and is currently listed in stable condition.

Though most people would suspect that this incident is likely the result of drugs, it may not be. Philadelphia leaders recently pointed out that the majority of gun-related crimes are due to retaliatory violence. In other words, a lot of gun-violence is young men simply resolving their disputes with firearms.

In fact, in many of these gun-related incidents, the conflicts are small things. For instance, the participants may be in a disagreement over a girl. It is hard to get any hard numbers, though, because these crimes aren’t recorded by motive.

Part of the issue with teen gun violence is that guns are so easily accessible today. This feeds into the incidents escalating. With guns readily available, what would normally constitute petty crimes turns into something more. For instance, a mugging suddenly becomes a murder.

In any case, it remains unclear the details and motives of this teen shooting.

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