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1 Out of 3 Pennsylvania Residents Can’t Afford Paying Medical Bills

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One out of three Pennsylvania adult residents has difficulty paying medical bills. This number was resealed by Pennsylvania Health Access Network and Altarum.

This report, released on Thursday strengthen national findings that health care is a top financial concern among Americans.

It’s obvious that consumers spend more on insurance, despite the fact that the cost of care continues to go up.  Even though more people have access to insurance than ever before, the rate of uninsured has dropped to a historic low of 5.5 percent in Pennsylvania.

For lots of people, the cost of health care is still not affordable. The new report highlights the specific ways the prices affected local families.

The Philadelphia –based consumer group provides educational resources in regard to accessing health care and providing help to enroll in insurance coverage.

A survey was conducted among  1.000 adults by a health-care consulting firm. The study shows that 74 survey uninsured respondents didn’t get health insurance, because it is too expensive.

About 25 percent of respondents said they just skipped the appointment or the whole procedure. 32 percent said they are struggling with medical bills. 10 percent of adults are unable to pay for the basic necessities, like food, housing and heat due to medical debts.

Only people with private Medicare were not concerned about not being able to afford health insurance in the future. The study conducted on health care shows how health insurance burdens the families.  The director of Altarum’s Healthcare Value Hub said nine out of 10 respondents said they want to see the change, regardless of political affiliation.

Policy charges respondents said they would most like to see the switches in health plans, greater price transparency, and control on drug prices.

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