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Philadelphia International Airport Ranks As One of The Worst in The Nation

You are currently viewing Philadelphia International Airport Ranks As  One of The Worst in The Nation
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –  J.D. Power’s 2018 North America Airport Satisfaction study found out the satisfaction rankings of the airports in the nation.

What was the last time you used Philadelphia International Airport? According to the study, you might not have a good experience.

The ranking showed that out of 24 large airports, Philadelphia International airport ranked number 22.

The study covers the airport satisfaction rankings. The study had 1.000 possible points.

Out of 1000 the Philadelphia just got 736. Two other airports in the large airport category that raked 733 and 678 are Kansas City International and New York LaGuardia, relatively.

The highest score with 815 points had John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. The top five list included Dallas Love Field, Portland (Oregon) International Airport, Nashville International Airport, and Tampa International Airport.

The study was conducted based on six factors: terminal facilities, airport accessibility, security check, baggage claim, check-in, food, beverage, and retail.

The study included mega, large and medium North America airports among overall travelers.

Travel Practice Lead at J. D. Power Michael Taylor mentioned Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago airports have increased traffic. And it’s hard to avoid.

The study will give an insight into what’s in store on a nationwide basis.

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