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700 School Teachers Were Hired in Philadelphia: Storm of Renovations At Schools

You are currently viewing 700 School Teachers Were Hired in Philadelphia: Storm of Renovations At Schools
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The school year is about to start and there is a lot of optimism and good feelings surrounding the approach of school in Philadelphia. A big storm of innovations is being taken at Rowen Elementary in West Oak Lane.

At Rowen Elementary in West Oak Lane, massive renovations are being taken as the new school year approaches.

Innovation includes modernization of the classroom for early literacy instruction. The classroom will now have symbols of a new era for the city school.

No more the school will have a shortage of teachers, nurses, counselors, book, and computers.

This year 700 new teachers were hired.

5 years ago 30 schools got closed .5000 positions were laid off. It is hard to recover after years of a big struggle, said Dr.Hite.

After years of budget slashes and layoffs that finally got paid off, a new stage of relative prosperity is set in the field.

The innovation sets new start dates for school. The doors of the schools are going to be open for students on August 27. The Monday before Labor Day to ease the stress of holidays blocking three full weeks of school at the start of the semester.

Before the public schools used to open during the week after Labor Day.

Right after the innovation was initiated, teachers and parents gave an optimistic, positive feedback. They have been waiting for these positive changes for years and finally, the time has come.

Faye Vice of North Philadelphia said he hopes it will be all they say it’s going to be.

Rick Asman from Fox Chase elementary recalls the Five Year pay freeze. The innovation program brought hope and enthusiasm to the school stuff. They believe all those gloomy days are gone with the wind.

Let’s wish a very efficient school year to students and hope the innovation will meet people’s expectations.

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