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Teenager’s Fight and Property Damage in North Philadelphia

You are currently viewing Teenager’s Fight and Property Damage in North Philadelphia
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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — On Sunday night a large crowd of teenagers got into a fight and damaged the property in North Philadelphia near Temple University.

Hundreds of teenagers, gathered on West Jefferson and North Broad streets were fighting each other, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

The fight of teenagers disrupted traffic.

Some teens created a chaotic situation at Wendy’s fast-food restaurant near the  Liacouras Center by flipping over tables and chairs.

The rocks were thrown at the police during the course of police trying to interrupt their actions.

During the course of melee, one teen passed out and was taken to the hospital and another teen got minor injuries.

There was no case of arrests and the scene was cleared by 10 p.m.

It’s not clear if this incident was set up on social media.

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