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Philadelphia Row Home Caught Fire: Two Found Dead Inside

You are currently viewing Philadelphia Row Home Caught Fire: Two Found Dead Inside
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – On Wednesday, Philadelphia firefighters rushed to a row home that had caught fire and found something unexpected inside the home.

The address of the home is North 9th Street, by West Somerset Street and West Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia.

Once they were able to get the fire under control, they went inside the home to check.

They found a body of a male on the first floor, who was later identified by his family members.


They continued to search upstairs and found the body of a female on the second floor.

The male’s name is Steven Tomoney. He is a father of two girls.

His uncle Julius Coles described him as a good and devoted father to his two children.

The female’s name is Tahisa Goode. Coles’ family did not know who she was, but they assumed that she might have been his girlfriend.

His family also reported to the police that there was an argument and disagreement near the house.

Police remain to investigate if that had played a part in the fire that killed both Tomoney and Goode.

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