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American Airlines is Launching a New Product

You are currently viewing American Airlines is Launching a New Product
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American Airlines is launching a new product, an improved “Main Cabin Extra.” Philadelphia International Airport is home to American Airlines’ largest hub in the country. The launch will start in Philadelphia and the products will soon be available in every American Airlines flight in America. This will require flight attendants to follow new policy rules. Flight attendants must keep a close eye on where passengers sit in the economy cabin.

The new improvements include complimentary beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks as well as an easier way to access the overhead bin storage for passengers of the MCE seats. The main cabin extra seats come with more legroom and will be distinguished from other seats. American Airlines already offer free alcoholic drinks to their passengers on the shuttle from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. However, now, the shuttle passengers that are in MCE will also be given free alcoholic drinks.

Management at American Airlines has decided that it is up to the flight attendants to check on which passengers are in the Main Cabin Extra seats. The flight attendants must make sure that passengers who are not supposed to be on MCE seats should be moved. American Airlines knows how people might try to sneak into those seats to get the free alcoholic drinks. However, for the passengers with the Main Cabin Extra seats, it is allowed to switch their seats in that part of the cabin. MCE passengers can’t move to the Premium Economy cabin.

Premium Economy is also one of the new cabin products that American Airlines is launching. It is mainly for long-distant flights. Premium Economy is the main carrier at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. With these new products being launched, American Airline flight attendants will start using mandatory tablets to check on seating. The tablets will come with a seating chart of each flight. The seating charts will help flight attendants determine if a passenger is in the right seat or not.

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