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Deadly Bus Crash Leaves 19-Year-Old Hockey Player Paralyzed

You are currently viewing Deadly Bus Crash Leaves 19-Year-Old Hockey Player Paralyzed
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Thursday night, Ryan Straschnitzki, a 19-year-old Canadian hockey player came to Philadelphia to be treated. He was in a deadly bus crash along with the rest of the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team. Their team was on the way to the playoffs but unfortunately did not make it. The bus had crashed into a truck and 16 people were killed and 13 of them had multiple injuries by the accident. He was transported to Shiner’s Hospital for Children last night.

Ryan has been paralyzed everywhere except for his neck and head. He broke his ribs and his collarbone. He also has a punctured lung. His head is bleeding internally and so is his pelvis. His spine is also badly injured. Shiner’s Hospital specializes in spinal cord rehabilitation and has offered to help Ryan with his recovery process.

His father has been by his side and is also helping him through the recovery process at the hospital. Ryan plans to stay at Shiner’s for another two months. They will be doing lots of physical therapy on him. Meanwhile, authorities are still investigating the bus crash. Police have stated that truck might have caused the accident because it was in the intersection before the Broncos’ bus had crashed into it.

The families of the accident have been receiving lots of support from everyone. Ryan will remain at Shiner’s until his recovery process is done.

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