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Is There a Social Discrimination in Philadelphia? Protesters Speak

You are currently viewing Is There a Social Discrimination in Philadelphia? Protesters Speak
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PHILADELPHIA – Near the bronze statue of Frank Rizzo, the former Philadelphia Mayor, protesters decried social discrimination on September 14. Rizzo, a man with a history of discriminatory practices, is not the kind of person that many Philadelphians want to celebrate.

The organizers and people, who were taking part in the protest, spoke about a number of issues and problems that social discrimination causes. Their claims included changes in the police force and funding for education.

Social Discrimination Protest Comes After Installation of Statue

This protest came after one day after a sculpture of an afro with a raised hand was added near the statue. The sculpture is called “All Power to All People”. It is the work of an organization, Mural Arts Philadelphia, who features art installation. The sculpture is a part of this overall project.

Now, Philadelphia is asking for public’s help. The fate of the Rizzo statue is still very much up in the air. The statue is currently a major target for vandalism.

Francis Lazarro “Frank” Rizzo was an American police officer and politician. He served as Philadelphia police commissioner from 1968 to 1971 and mayor of Philadelphia from 1972 to 1980. Supporters say he was a faithful public servant who was not afraid to speak his mind. However, the protesters have significant issues with celebrating Rizzo’s life. After all, he lost a legal challenge to block the building of a neighborhood, Whitman Park, in 1979. The judge in that case rejected Rizzo’s objection to the project, stating that Rizzo was blocking the project on racial grounds.

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