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Open Car

Your car will be transported on an open trailer along with several other vehicles, properly secured following all the safety rules.

Enclosed Car Transport

We offer enclosed auto shipping to help our clients move their sports cars or any other vehicles that need extra protection during shipping.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

When you book auto shipping with us, just provide us with addresses of locations for the pick-up and delivery and we will organize the shipping between them.
Any Time, Any Place

Philadelphia Car Transport

At Philadelphia Car Transport we are always happy to help you with relocation and vehicle shipment. Philadelphia Car Transport has been in the auto shipping field for over 10 years. We offer top-quality vehicle transportation. Our company is known for delivering any kind of vehicle anywhere in the U.S. Everyone on our team is trained to make auto shipment easier for our clients.

We have an amazing staff of agents who are ready to assist you and answer any questions you have during our office hours. Our truck drivers handle vehicles with care. Whatever your situation may be, we understand and we will provide you with any type of our auto shipping services you ask for.

Give us a call (267) 538-1166 to get more information and our agents will assist you.

Auction Car Transport

With Philadelphia Car Transport you can buy a car from any auction in the country and get it delivered straight to your door.

Dealer Auto Shipping

Many people find the car they need at local dealerships. However, others buy cars from out of state dealers.

Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation is a complex process and often, moving vehicles is an important part of it.

Commercial Transport Services

Moving a personal vehicle can be stressful, and moving a commercial vehicle is an even more involved task.

What You Can Expect When You Choose
Philadelphia Car Transport

  • Full-coverage insurance on your vehicle. We want our customers to feel secure while their car is being shipped. That is why we include full insurance coverage for every shipment that you place with us. Our drivers take extra precaution to your vehicle, however in any case where something is to happen, you are covered!
  • Door-to-door delivery for your convenience. Our door-to-door delivery service is also included when you place a shipment order with us. No need to pick up your vehicle at a lot or terminal when we can pick it up and deliver it to the designated address.
  • A variety of different auto shipment services available for you to choose from. We offer both open and enclosed car transportation as well as expedited auto shipping. The open car transport service is the cheapest option available and is a secure way of shipping your vehicle. The enclosed car transport service is pricier, but it is worth it in the case of expensive vehicles. Lastly, the expedited auto shipping is for any last minute shipments that require you to get your car delivered as soon as possible.
  • A hard-working team of professionals ready to assist you with your car shipment. Our agents are available Monday through Saturday. They will answer any questions you have about your auto shipment and they will set up the pickup and delivery dates as well.