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Vehicle Transport from Philadelphia, PA to Indianapolis, IN

Philadelphia to Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis is the capital city and largest city in Indiana with a population of a little over 850,000 people. Indianapolis is known for hosting the Indianapolis 500, which is an auto racing event. The city also includes the world’s largest children’s museum, known as the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. If you are moving or planning a long trip to Philadelphia, PA to Indianapolis, contact us for car shipping!

Want to ship your car from Philadelphia to Indianapolis?

The distance from Philadelphia, PA to Indianapolis is about 10 hours. That’s a long drive from one destination to another. With gas and a possible hotel stay, the trip might cost you more than simply shipping your car. At Philadelphia Car Transport we make it simple and affordable for you. Our company’s agents are more than willing to assist you in making your car transport process hassle-free.

We offer a variety of services, the most popular ones being enclosed auto transport and open car transport. And we always offer door-to-door car shipping. We pick up your vehicle from as close to your doorstep as possible and drop it off in front of any given location. We strive to make sure every customer we work with is satisfied. 

If you need to know more about our company, give our office a call and one of our agents will be more than willing to answer any questions you might have.

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