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Cement Truck Collision Results in Doused SUV!

BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP, PA – On Monday morning, a cement truck collided with an SUV. This resulted in a difficult cleanup and a troublesome commute for Pennsylvania residents. Unfortunately, commercial truck accidents happen more often than one might think.

This crash occurred on Lehigh Valley roadway. Interestingly, the roadway is a hotspot in Pennsylvania for traffic accidents. It is along Route 33 near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

When arriving at the scene, shocked police found the aftermath of the incident. A cement truck, which seemed unharmed, was next to a small SUV smothered by wet cement. The two vehicles had collided. Sadly, after colliding with the large cement truck, the mixer malfunctioned and dumped cement on the SUV.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident. Both firefighters and policeman affirmed that the roadway is well-known for incidents. Although, the likelihood of this accident seems almost comical. A group of fire-fighters posted the incident on Facebook. Interestingly, the comments were more about the humor in the accident rather than the accident itself.

It took multiple cleaning crews about an hour to remove the wet cement and clear the area. Car haulers had to move both vehicles. Fortunately, there are no permanent damages to the roadway because of the cement. The r...Read More

2018: The Year of the Most Homicides in 11 years

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Unfortunately, as we look back on the last year, 2018 was not the greatest one for Philadelphia. Philadelphia homicides were abundant this past year. This comes from the collection of police data, demonstrating that 2018 had the highest rates of homicide since eleven years ago.

Philadelphia homicides

Back in 2007, there were 391 homicides reported. Philadelphia Police Department collected data of 351 homicides for 2018. While it is not as high as it was back in 2007, the number increased significantly from the previous year in 2017.

In fact, it increased 11 percent. There were 315 homicides reported by the police in 2017. Before that, there were 277 in the year 2016. And 2015? There were 280 homicides. So, this brings up the question – what will the numbers be like in 2019?

Unfortunately, the data has already begun for 2019 Philadelphia homicides. The first homicide occurred just minutes into the new year. The murder occurred via gunshot just fifteen or so minutes into 2019. The victim was Anibal DeJesus. The shots occurred on the 3200 block of Tampa Street, in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

Allegedly, DeJesus suffered several gunshot wounds to the head, chest, and face. Emergency personnel  pronounced him dead at t...Read More

Council to vote on “Fair Workweek” Bill

PHILADELPHIA, PA – City Council is preparing to vote this Thursday on the “Fair Workweek” bill. The bill affects mostly service and hospitality hourly workers. Almost a year ago, workers and supporters began a fight for the bill.

Scheduling changes for workers

What does this bill entail? More predictable scheduling. The bill will regulate how companies in industries like retail, hospitality, and fast food assign shifts for their employees. Workers complain that without consistency in scheduling, they are stuck in a cycle of poverty. It is difficult to plan and budget for bills and daily life without knowledge of how much work they will receive.

Councilwoman Helen Gym introduced the bill in June. She championed the bill with seven co-sponsors, leading to the vote, which is expected to pass. New York was the largest city to pass a similar law on scheduling. Philadelphia would be the second biggest city to do so, if the bill goes through. And, the bill will impact at least 130,000 workers – including some unionized workers and even hotel workers.

Along with the Fair Workweek bill, council will vote on raising minimum wage for city workers to $15 per hour. Councilperson Mark Squilla introduced this bill. It is unclear just how many people this bill would impact if passed. But, many workers in social service and other professions will likely feel the effects.


There are some opponents to F...Read More

76-Year-Old Philadelphia Man Got Shot While Sitting in the Living Room

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -  The shooting of 76-year-old Philadelphia man occurred while he was sitting in living room, located on the 3600 block of North Marvine Street, at around 6:15 p.m.   Tara Fisher told the house got messed up by the two bullets, that were fired into her parents’ house.   According to Fisher, his dad got badly hurt and his mom is not doing well.   Bullets into the houseBy the time the shooting occurred when he was sitting in the living room with his parents.   According to Tara’s husband Steve, the suspect walked up onto the porch and under unknown reasons opened the fire.   According to the family, they do not believe the bullets were meant for the couple. They believe it was for someone else.   Fisher says her parents have been living in the same home for quite a long period of time, for more than 50 years.   Even after the shooting, Fisher said they are not going anywhere. They are not going to run from their house.   The police are investigating the shooting occurred for unknown reasons. The suspect is not identified yet.  ...Read More

Melania Trump Making a Visit to Philadelphia as Part of her Be Best Campaign

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – From a 10:02 AM news release, an information was reported about Melania Trump’s plane being turned around not long after the takeoff due to some “burning smell” issue on board.   There was a mechanical problem which caused smoke, and it became to smell stronger when the plane started to move. Reporters from the board said that they were covering their faces with wet towels to not to smell the burning odor.   Trump took a break at Joint Base Andrew after which was pronounced “fine” and ready to visit Philadelphia today. ------ Two weeks have passed after her husband was visiting Philadelphia, and now she is making a visit with her campaign called “Be Best” today.   In her schedule, she is expected to visit Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to meet with families of children who were affected opioid exposure in the womb. Alex Azar, US health and human services secretary, will join her later during the day.   melania trump in philadelphiaMelania Trump will speak at health department making a conference to discuss a system that tracks newborns and infants’ conditions.   Be Best campaign started its operations in May. The campaign was described as a motivational way of promoting the wellness of children. The campaign also covers topics such as online bullying and the impact of opioids on youth.   During the last trip, Trump visited Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, and Egypt as a way of promoting the newly created campaign.   If you are working or traveling in Philadelphia today, be aware of center traffic as the first lady will be mostly in Center City during the day.  ...Read More